Albion Guide of How to Use Daggers

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# Has no sufficient CC. It has ability “Infiltration”, which should, quote: “stuns any enemy target in the area”. What we really have? No stun – only non-targeted sleep (if you lucky guy). As we know, sleep will be disturbed by any incoming damage. This quite useless in mass pvp fight. There is should be better REAL STUN, atleast for one target (and, of course, blink).

# “Sunder Armor” ability does almost nothing for additional damage without huge number of Albion Online Silver. I mean, debuff Armor and Magic Resistance for -14 at T4.1 and -18 at T8.5 is useless. We have tested it.

About Daggers Pair.

# “Slit Throat” seems to be nice damage skill. But let’s compare the Daggers Pair and Cursed Staff.

1. Passive skills: Daggers Pair have +10% to auto-attack damage – useless for “Slit Throat” skill based weapon because of Daggers Pair has no poison like one-handed Dagger. And additional generating energy. Cursed Staff is one-handed weapon, so it can be used with any off-hand equipment, which can give one of next passives: Increase cast speed by 10%, Reduce all cooldowns by 10%, Reduce by 30% CC (shield). Should I comment this? Cursed Staff wins this.

2. Cursed Staff’s third ability almost same as Dagger’s Pair. But Cursed Staff use it from distance. IMO Cursed Staff wins this.

3. Let’s talk about first ability. Player who plays with daggers should rush in the enemies and only from melee distance use skills. At this time he can be stunned, knocked, sleeped, silenced. Any of this CC effects equal of death. Because of Immunity from CC won’t save player from knock-back effect (and maybe many another). It will only reduce length of fly. Cursed Staff’s first ability has DOT effect, which prevents casting enemy. Daggers cannot do this. Any range DD player can use knock-back from equipment and, while you in air, start using channeling ability. At this time you CANNOT even hide by invisibility – any DOT or channel ability immediately show you. And you will die. Cleanse will not clear your DOT’s. So, Cursed Staff again wins.

# Also light heavy helmet gives you additional magical damage up to +50% (and more?) and decrease moving speed. Moving speed for mages? They standing whole casting time! Again, mages win free Albion Online Gold. You wanna say about “Berserk”? Okay, +37% physical damage and decrease from -40 to -50 armor resitance. So you decided decrease moving speed for ranged players and decrease armor for melee players? Not a wise, strongly in my opinion.

About Claws: I will say shortly. Rooted enemy can use any ability. And it will interrupt this channel ability. Useless.

[ Video ]Most Full Guides in Albion Online Laborers


Nice suggestions! This guide on Laborers that Sunarie put together is so good we had to share it outside the guild. We really hope this helps you make the most out of the game.

We hope this guide to Laborers helps people who are into crafting, logisitics or simply making the most efficient use of your time in game. Here is the video in a great deal of detail and with a few extra tidbits as well

How to Make Albion Online Quickstart ? Guide

This guide will rush you through the low level area and get you rolling ASAP.

It is intended for those who have done this 5+ times already or for those who look for some guidance to optimize their start.


You log in with your character for the first time ever. You are in the starting zone. You have nothing but your undies.

Do not unpack your founder’s gear or mounts! You do not need them now! Depending on where you start, you may want to take a boat to meet up with your friends. But then it might be too expensive if you unpacked any founders gear!

Your first goal is: Unlock the T2 trees of the destiny board.

- look at your “destiny board quests” (bottom of the screen)
- (important!) do those quests step by step now until destiny board branches out!
- (best area to do this is the starter zone)
- don’t leave the zone yet
- those quests are:
* gather 3 ‘Rough Logs’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 25 logs total because you need them for other quests later!
* gather 3 ‘Rough Stone’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 21 stone total, because you need them for other quests later!
* walk to the Workbench and prepare to craft stuff
* Before you craft anything, TURN OFF CRAFTING FOCUS (click the workbench and turn off the orange hammer & saw icon next to the red ‘Craft’ icon). This returns materials on crafting, and you want to save this focus for higher tier things. If you do not turn it off, you will burn through all your crafting focus on Tier 1 items!
* craft 1 ‘Beginners Skinning Knife’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
* Kill 1 Rabbit
* Gather 8 Rabbit Hide, but let’s actually gather 18 hide total, because you need them later!
* walk back to the Workbench and:
* craft 1 Medium Beginners Leather Armor (Chestpiece) (pick move speed passive)
* craft 1 Beginners Broadsword with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 6 each)
* craft 1 Beginner’s Pickaxe with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each)

- DING DING DING, you unlocked the T2 nodes of the destiny board, but wait – let’s prepare the rest of the stuff we need before we leave!

- craft 1 ‘Beginners Shield’ with the Lumber you gathered earlier (4 logs).
- craft 1 ‘Medium Beginners Leather Hood’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
- craft 1 ‘Medium Beginner’s Leather Shoes’ with the Hide you gathered earlier. (4 hide) (pick move speed).
- craft 1 ‘Beginners Axe’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- craft 1 ‘Beginners Stone Hammer’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- craft 1 ‘Beginner’s Sickle’ with the Stone & Lumber you gathered earlier (needs 3 each).
- You are ready to leave the starter zone now!
- Quick checklist of the things you should have in your inventory before you move to the next zone:
* T1 sword
* T1 shield
* T1 leather armor (head,chest,boots)
* T1 pickaxe
* T1 wood axe
* T1 skinning knife
* T1 stone hammer
* T1 sickle

- make sure your destiny board quests (from above) are completed!

- Go to the next zone nao!

You just left the starting zone, you have your super basic T1 stuff and you just entered one of the T3 starter towns on the edges of the world.

Your goal is now: Gather T2 materials & kill easy mobs to unlock T3 crafting & item usage.

We will ignore low tier farming & alchemy unlocks in this tutorial, because you need your private island to do that, which will happen way later in the game.

You will straight up do nothing in the T3 starter-town and (after you teleport to the zone you need to be in, if you need to be in a different one) go harvest all the resources at once to advance to T3 unlocks straight away.

So yeah, ignore people running about in the T3 town and leave through one of the exits to the next zone.

The following step only applies if you want to teleport to a different T3 starter town.

If you do not need to do that – or in case you don’t know or don’t care where you go afterwards , skip this next (blue) section.

- If you are outside the T3 starter town, look on the minimap for an area where you can find Heretics, they drop silver and that is what you are after!
- Find one heretic, snipe him (don’t worry if you aggro two), kill him, loot him (you should have looted 10 silver or more), leave straight back to the T3 starter town you came from.
- Go to the Ship Captain and take the boat to the starter town you want to go to. It should cost you 10 silver.
- Leave through one of the exits of the T3 starter town again.

Unpack your founder’s horse now if you have one, it will speed things up & allow you to move things.

Your goal is to gather a big chunk, maybe even all of the resources at once that you need to advance towards T3.

To do anything useful, you need to make yourself T2 tools first. So our first objective is to go out and gather enough resources so we can make ourselves a set of T2 tools.

We want to harvest enough T2 wood and T2 ore so we can make ourselves one of each tool. One T2 tool is 9 Birch Planks and 3 Copper Bars to make, so we need a total of:
- 45 Birch Logs
- 15 Copper Ore

After you have collected those resources, go back to the T3 starter town, refine your gathered resources and then craft yourself the tools listed below.

You will not be able to use them yet, because you need to unlock your ‘Trainee Gatherer’ node on the destiny board first.

Don’t worry, you can just carry them around with you and use them after you gathered enough T2. Just do not throw away your T1 Beginners Tools yet!

Craft the following T2 tools for yourself at the Toolmaker:

- 1 T2 Stone Hammer: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Wood Axe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Skinning Knife: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Sickle: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Pickaxe: 9 Wood Plank (T2), 3 Metal Bar (T2)

After you crafted your tools, leave the city again and go look for more resources.

Your next goal: Gather enough resources to make yourself one of each weapon type and one of each armor type, so you can use them later to unlock T3 items for use.

We want to craft ourselves the following things, because we will need them later:

- 1 T2 Bag: 12 Stiff Leather (T2), 12 Simple Cloth (T2)
- 1 T2 Cape: 4 Stiff Leather (T2), 4 Simple Cloth (T2)

Warriors Forge:
- 1 T2 Sword: 16 Copper Bar (T2), 8 Stiff Leather (T2)
- 1 T2 Shield: 4 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Armor (Chest): 16 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Heavy Novice’s Plate Helmet (Head): 8 Copper Bar (T2)

Hunters Lodge:
- 1 T2 Novice’s Bow: 32 Birch Planks (T2)
- 1 T2 Medium Novice Leather Armor: 16 Stiff Leather (T2)
- 1 T2 Medium Novice’s Leather Shoes: 8 Stiff Leather (T2)

Mage Tower:
- 1 T2 Novice’s Fire Staff: 16 Birch Planks (T2), 8 Copper Bar (T2)
- 1 T2 Light Novice’s Robe: 16 Simple Cloth (T2)

This amounts to a total amount of:
- 48 Stiff Leather
- 52 Copper Ore
- 48 Birch Logs
- 32 Cotton

So you leave the starter town again and harvest the resources listed above. If you harvest more resources than the amounts listed, you can keep those resources if you want to use them for crafting later. But the amounts listed above are the minimum of each resource you need to gather to make all your armors and weapons at once that you need to unlock all T3 items for use.

After you have the above resources or more in your inventory, go back to your T3 starter town and refine them.

Craft yourself the following things now (all T2):

- Bag
- Cape
- Sword
- Shield
- Plate Armor
- Plate Helmet
- Bow
- Leather Armor (move speed passive)
- Leather Shoes (move speed passive)
- Fire Staff
- Cloth Armor

Now it its the time that you will slowly have to use your own brain to figure out what you want to do do next.

If you want to get to farming silver ASAP, make sure you have the above things in your inventory and go straight towards farming mobs. Look for Heretics and green-zone dungeons. You can easily solo them with your new gear. You are making phat stacks of $$ now!

Kill anything that gives you fame. Repeat until you unlock the T3 weapon node, continue until you unlock the T3 armor node of the armor you are currently wearing. After you unlock the node of the weapon or armor you are currently using, swap out your weapon or armor and continue to farm mobs. Do this until you can use all T3 weapons and T3 armors!

Goal reached: unlock all T3 weapons & armor (grats!)

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Albion Online – Not the Same Gateway Dungeons

The classic dungeon design was one of the oldest parts in Albion and was created in pretty early stages of development. The outside world evolved over time – a lot, actually, but the dungeons still pretty much stayed the same. And while the outside world became more polished with every iteration, the dungeons felt, well, a bit dated and not up to par with the rest of the quality of the game. Racing other players for mobs or entering a recently cleared dungeon thats devoid of mobs is just no fun.

Hence, before the launch of our Closed Beta, we took a good look at how we could improve the dungeon experience – and ideally give us more possibilities to make good dungeon design. We had introduced Hellgates a while before that and they have instantly become a favorite activity for many players. It made sense to investigate how we could take this idea and adapt it to a PvE setting without completely giving up the idea of open dungeons.

Open World Dungeons

We have created new Open World Dungeons that replace, slowly but surely, existing old dungeons in the world. They don’t have a beginning and an endpoint but instead, they have usually multiple entrances from the upper world – allowing groups to enter and leave at different points rather than all being limited to the same one. The dungeon itself consists of a smaller ring, on which solo players can farm mobs. In addition, there are so-called pockets. In those pockets, veteran mobs await you – challenging content for group play. The pockets have also a chance that there is a Gatekeeper. This Gatekeeper opens, when killed, a portal which allows up to five players to enter a Gateway Dungeon.

Gateway Dungeons

Due to the popularity of the Hellgate concept, we have transferred this idea over to our PvE and the Gateway Dungeons were created for our Aurelius Update. If you bested the Gatekeeper, you can take a group up to five players into this Gateway, to fight your way through hefty mobs and mini-bosses. At the end of the dungeon, a main boss of the faction you are fighting in the Gateway awaits.

The Gateway system gives us way more options in terms of dungeon design – one of the goals we originally hoped to accomplish. Since there is always a group of (maximum) five players in a Gateway, we can directly balance our content to accomodate that number. These set parameters allow us to create well-balanced, increasingly challenging, and rewarding, dungeon content.

Evaluation so far

We are extremely happy with the feedback we receive and the player count we see in our new Open World Dungeons and Gateways so far. Thus, our old dungeons will, step by step, be replaced by the new design. Of course we are always looking at possibilities to further fine-tune the new Open World and Gateway Dungeons to create an even better experience.

At latest, more news and guide in

What’s The Best Way to Get Silver in Albion Online

There is a questions with all same class game, silver and gold. Today, let us depth understanding of how to get silver.

# How do I get Albion silver?

Silver is primarily dropped from humanoid mobs out in the world, when you first leave either Kings or Queens Market you will enter into an area with a lot of Albion Online Silver and tier 2 heretics.

# What’s the best way to get silver

This is an opinion that will differ from person to person, I personally will go into how to make silver from PVE while @Korn wrote some tips on how to make money through the marketplace over at Using the market to make money right now.

The biggest difference between how Albion Online and other games differs are that we want to have a real economy, this means we cannot pump the game full with silver or resources and have limited the amount of silver & resources entering the game.

Mobs & Resources works in a way that they will Spawn and their loot will continue to grow the longer they are alive, this means that most mob spawns in highly trafficked areas will be quite bad for maximizing silver income,

This is why we suggest people to spread out and settle either within or close to the PVP enabled area, despite the risk of PVP

# The hard facts:
- Travel, freshly spawned mobs have the least amount of silver. Often territories that are percieved as too dangerous to go into have the best rewards.
- Mobs that have been alive for a long time often carry up to 20 times the amount of silver of freshly spawned mobs
- Only wear what you are afford to lose, you should preferably be coming home with more silver then the value of what you left home with.
- Group up! Find a Guild or some other Solo players and group up with Albion Online Power Leveling! Even being only 2 players together helps you take on much harder mobs.
- Look on the world map! Find the closest treasure territories, they are often a good source of silver

# Equipment tips:
- Shields add a lot of armor and allows you to taunt the target enemy
- Leather armor got a great heal which will lower your downtime. (Bringing food is also great)
- Using the defensive strike will buff your armor (stacks up to 3 times) will increase your survivability
- The Ability “Disabling Strike” will help you a lot against mobs that cast spells, interrupting their spells will ease your PVE experience.

Of course, if you want to buy gold or silver welcome click UPAlbion

Is Albion Game Skilled Based Game or It Just You Gear?

I have a question is : is Albion game skilled based game or it just You gear? Then I will tell you, And if you Buy Albion Online Gold can help you batter experince the game.

We are gvg based guild, we are 10 active players and our guild have 1000gvg (98% yellow zone gvg), and i was looking for strong guild to fight us in yellow zone gvg for practice ( in game global chat), but one of the guys was desperately trying to explain me that is no point train in yellow zones cos all about this game is your gear. I dis agree with him, cos how you explain like example: we fought gvg with lot of guilds some one is coming with enchanted, 7.3 and so on, but we 80% easy winning against them even when we use 4.3 t6 epic ones and similar( ofc we all know that higher gear then t6 / 4.3 is nerfing, but they still have small advantage ).
So how can it be just gear based game?

I think this game based on :
50% – team work
30% – skill to dodge, predict, use and count enemy cool downs
and just 20% – your gear advantage ( let say if we fighting with 6.3 and they 7.3 )

What is You opinion what makes us good in pvp? what matter to be good at it?

I do agree that it is not the same like open world pvp, same surroundings and long time practice makes to coordinate easier, but i think people who done more gvg will be better and in word pvp, just knowing your right position, what do expect from enemies and etc

Gear is only about 10% or even lower.
Skillcap for GvG is not that high either and it’s mostly based on positioning and awareness. You can be really bad with timings, targeting, CD and mana management, but if your position is right you’ll do fine. I’d say skill is about 30% maybe.
Communication is a huge part. I’d group teamplay and communication in one category. Let’s call it Strategy It’s about 30% also.
And finally the most important part. Team composition. I give it a solid 30%, but it seems to play a way larger role.

Wanna win a lot? Get a Greathammer, Longbow, Cursed with Armor Piercer, Claws/Halberd for single target and a solid .2 Druid. You are golden.
We’ve only recently started tracking GvG stats thoroughly (with crazy ass excel sheets and stuff) but it is already obvious that one can win with bad players and good team composition at least as much as good players in a bad comp (double .2 cursed).

To sum it up for you
Gear: 10%
Skill: 30%
Strategy: 30%
Team Composition: 30%

Some Useful Suggestions in Albion Online

I summed up some notes that may be also helpful for you.

- Always join a guild with at least 3 people inside it to gather higher tier resources to be safer. Always look at the map to see what resources are there.

Destiny Board

- Do not do destiny board all by yourself, you suppose to team up with your guild, so the other guild member will do some job for you, so you do not need to do everything by yourself. Therefore, you do not need to do a lot of destiny board. Should do only 2x Gathering, 2x Refining, 3x Crafting, and 4x Fighting in the destiny board.

Death and PVP Combat

- Always build extra combat equipment and put it in some banks around your area incase you die, so you can get back your items when you died if you go back to your bank and get your other armor to go back and get your dropped item back.
- Sometimes when you use shot distance melee weapon they can kill you before you even reach to them in Guild vs. Guild.
- Solo player should equip self- healing and tank equipment, because your health is the most important.
- You should be with a group that defenses you and you should use a Ox to carry your heavy stuff to transfer bank to another bank in a safe zone.
- Can click Details tab that is next to the inventor to see your combat stats.

Trading And Money Management

- Never sell out or trade out with your best or rare stuff unless you have extras.
- Do not kill low tier mobs for money, because low tier mobs are hard to find when everyone comes and kills the low tier mobs. Therefore, you should have a Guild group to go to higher tier PVP area to kill higher tier mobs for money.


- Always Salvage your extra items instead of selling it to rebuild it again to gain more crafting experience fame.
- Always add the boot spell with Run, and have no sprint.
- Do not add reflecting armor spells if you are a tank, because you do not revive a lot of damage.


- Hold left mouse to walk.
- When you equip with pickaxe you can hit q to equip your best weapon.
- Hit A to mount.
- How to target heal? Alt or Option to heal target. F1 to heal whole party target. F4 to heal single party member target.
- To whisper in the game you type in /w player name
- To talk to a guild then you type in /G

At last, Good luck. The more guides at


5.18 Albion Online Content Improve


Darian is the last content update throughout this phase of Beta. The team is now working in full force on preparing the next phase of beta on which you can expect more details soon. Here are fixes the Darian did.

Fixed many model/skinning/rigging issues.

Royal equipment should now be correctly treated as its non-Royal equivalent in all cases on the Destiny Board.

Fixed some weird issues with kills/knockdowns caused by reflected damage.

Fixed an issue where rare resources would not stack correctly on harvest when the player’s inventory was full.

Fixed an issue where the Well of Life spell would not forget players who had left its area for the purposes of maximum players healed per tick.

Fixed an issue where knockback abilities were not correctly calculating the distance for the tooltip.

Fixed an issue where T8 Sapphires were not set up correctly for transmutation.

Fixed various text/localisation issues.

Fixed some audio issues.

Fixed an issue where a player would continue to attempt to auto-attack another player after doing so is no longer a valid action (eg end of duel), resulting in unintended following behavior.

Fixed an issue with castle guards being unaffected by spells under certain conditions.

Fixed some issues with T6 Doomed Necromancer boss’s portals.

Fixed an issue with some Mage Towers still not having a favorite food set.

Fixed some issues with the interactions between two-handed weapons and off-hand items.

Fixed a large number of level design issues.

Fixed some issues with combat log/overhead display of silver looting, particularly relating to premium status.

Fixed an issue where a knocked down character would attempt to re-execute their last action on getting up.

Removed durability from journals.

Fixed some issues relating to weapons disappearing when looting/gathering.

Fixed a number of abuse cases relating to invites:

- Duel invites are automatically declined if the target is in combat or in a GvG match.
- Guild invites are automatically declined if the target is in a GvG match.
- Party invites are automatically declined if the target is in a duel, or if the target is in a

GvG match and target and inviter aren’t both in the same match and on the same team.

Fixed an issue where swapping to another item with the same spell would not interrupt casting.

Fixed an issue where it was possible to gain kill points in a GvG match by killing mobs or players not on the opposing team.

Fixed an issue where you could get stuck when knocked into a barrier in a GvG fight.

Fixed an issue where setting “all users” as co-owners of something would not extend management rights correctly to all players.

Fixed an issue where the “pay” window for repair kits was not closing automatically when it should.

Fixed an issue where grown farm animals were not counted when calculating fast travel costs.

Fixed some cases where blinking/teleporting across a spell area would apply that spell’s effect to you.

Fixed some issues with access controls on Guild islands; the Guild Leader is now correctly the only owner by default, and co-owners can be properly added by the Leader.

Albion Economy | The Role of Currency

Like a real city, all items and buildings in Albion Online are player crafted (with a few exceptions, such as beginner towns, harbours, etc) and resources for making items and buildings can be found in the world. Of course you can also obtain them from other players via trade.

The main currency is Albion Online Silver.

You obtain this by killing enemies in PvE combat. Also, again, you can trade it with other players

Land Ownership

Players can own land in Albion Online: Player Islands, Guild Islands, Player Cities,

Open World Plots (inside of Player Cities) and Open World Guild Territories

You use the land for farming and placing buildings.

You can allow other players to use your buildings, either for free or for a charge, giving you a source to earn money

Once bought, Open World Plots require regular rent payments

Once claimed, Open World Guild Territories and Player Cities require upkeep via food

Player Islands and Guild island do not require rent or upkeep

The role of Albion Online Gold

Gold is the premium currency of the game

Gold can be bought for real money

Gold can not be directly converted into silver

Gold can be freely traded with other players (in exchange for items, but also in exchange for silver, whatever the other player wants to trade with you really)

Via player trade, you can get gold without spending real money

Gold can be used to buy (once it is implemented) a premium status for your character, which will give you additional silver yield and fame gain, and possibly some other small perks.

Gold can also be used to pay certain in-game expenses instead of using silver, such as the silver cost for crafting an item or for paying the rent for a city plot.

Apart from the premium status and possibly some vanity only items, there is nothing that you can do with gold that you cannot do with silver

Gold cannot be used in the player market place, all trade in the player market trade happens via silver only

Albion Online | How Leveling Fast?

How leveling fast? using craft, I bet it’s better than nothing! using craft. Here’s a short and easy guide to make 2 levels in less than 10 minutes using craft!

Some things to know first :

This is NOT an exploit bug
Be prepared to spend 50 Albion silver coins!
If you don’t find some materials, read the entire guide!
First, you have to go to any capital city, find a cooking master, and ask him to be a chief. Then read the following intructions:

Buy 10x Packet of Salt and 4x Black peppercorn in bulk to the cooking master
Craft 100 Pile of salt and pepperBuy 10x Jar of vegetable oil and 10x Jar of vinegar
Craft 100 Bottle of simple dressing
Buy 10x Jug of water, 10x Bags of flour, 4x Eggs in bulk
Craft 100 Pasta Noodles
Buy 10x Bags of flour and 4x Butter in bulk
Craft 100 Bowl of roux
Buy 4x Bell pepper in bulk et 4x Chili pepper in bulk
Craft 100 Pile of paprika
Once all those steps are done, you should have gained more or less 2 levels.

Last tips for your 10 minutes crafting session :

The « in bulk » materials can be found in the second and third tabs of the cooking master’s shop.You must use the paper bag that appears in your bag to collect the material which will be used in crafting.
All the mentioned components can be bought to the cooking master, except the Chili pepperThe Chili pepper can be bought to Sagum Relicseeker in Plains of Ashford, near to the Ascalonian Catacombs. You first need to complete the associated renown heart to buy him the needed materials.

Are you understand? Good Luck!