Albion Online Beginners Guide – 1

This page is to help all of us learn and grow within Albion Online. Use this guide to assist you in surviving, and thriving.

# Beginning in the world of Albion… (a starter’s guide)

If you are new to Albion Online, you will find that you start in a small starter area next to a starter town. There are no ‘quests’ in a Sandbox MMO. Therefore, what you will see at the bottom your screen is a Destiny Board that will track your progression in Albion Online. It will start out with the basic progression ‘objectives’ that you need to accomplish. Such as: gathering wood, stone and leather, crafting your first weapon and gear, etc. Complete these simple objectives, and then run into the starter town.

Once in town, you may want to decide on what character type you wish to try. There are essentially three character types, plate armor melee, leather ranged and cloth ranged. These characters can be altered endlessly with the Albion Online class-less system. But for now, we will refer to these types only. If you have played an MMO before and are comfortable with a tanky melee class ‘warrior’, chose plate. If you liked playing ‘hunters’ or ‘rogues’, choose leather. If you like to play ‘mages’, choose cloth.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Again, there are no ‘quests’ or ‘quest givers’ in Albion Online. If you wish to play a warrior class, open the map by pressing ‘M’, and locate the larger icon with a single sword. That is the plate armor and weapon crafting station. The book is for the cloth armor and weapon crafting station and the bow and quiver is the leather armor and weapon crafting station.

For our guide, lets say you choose to play a ‘warrior’ type character. Proceed to the station vendor and click it. It will open up the crafting options available to you.

By this time, you should have a sword and shield and leather armor from the starter area progression objectives. You should also have killed enough bunnies to wear tier two gear. Therefore, the available armor and weapons for your character will be displayed on the plate armor crafting vendor. The tier three items will be red because you have not progressed enough to wear those items yet.

Now, get out a pen and paper. Click the plate armor helmet, chest and boots, and write down how much of each resource each one takes to craft. Then do the same for the one-hand sword and shield. Add all of these values up and this will tell you how much of each resource you need to gather to craft those items.

Wait, you aren’t ready to head out into the world yet. In order to gather those resources, guess what you need? That’s right, tools! You will need to craft all of your tools before you begin gathering the resources needed. Bring up the map, and find the larger icon that has a hammer and spike on it. That is the toolmaker’s crafting station. There you will see all of the tools you will need. Write down those resources as well and craft all of the tools available to you, just to make life a little more simple.

Once you have each tool, you can then run out into the world of Albion to farm your first gear set and weapon. It may take a few trips, and do not forget to kill humanoids for silver. That’s right, silver does not drop from creatures in the world of Albion – for obvious reasons.

Once you have all of your resources and have crafted your first gear set, you are now ready to progress into tier three. Go back out into the world and kill any tier II or higher monsters until you progress to tier three weapons and armor. Simply click on a fox, or humanoid and look for the roman numeral value. Defeat it, and the fame will update for your character. It will say something like, ‘defeat foes while wearing plate armor’ or ‘using one handed weapons’ or something similar. It will also present your current progress Y and the target value X. Defeat enough foes to get to value X. You will then see a display of multiple achievements for progressing to the tier three level.

Return to town and visit the plate armor crafting station vendor to see your tier three gear requirements. You will now see that the tier III icons are no longer red. Again, write down all of the resources you need to gather. First, you will need a new set of tier two tools. Find the tool crafting station and gather the resources needed to craft the tier two tools. Gather those resources and craft those tools first.

Then head back out into the world and gather your tier three resources. What you will need to do is enter a tier three zone. Bring up your global map by pressing ‘K’ and click on the ‘Clusters’ or region maps near your starter town. It will then switch over to the cluster map you have seen before. At the bottom, is a key of all the different resources in the cluster. The tier three clusters are the ones where all of the resource nodes (trees, iron, leather, etc) are listed as ‘I-III’. Enter one of those clusters and begin searching for the tier three resources.

This is where it gets tricky and you simply must go through a process of trial and error to find the resources. Run around the map and click on various resources. When you begin to harvest it, an icon will display with what tier the resource is. Keep in mind what these resources are. Keep searching until you find different tree, stone, metal formations until you find the tier three version of each. Then, you are ready to farm your tier three resources.

Once you have crafted your tier three gear set and weapons, proceed to the next section! If you need any assistance in this, please contact Saffiana in-game, or post on Band.