Albion Online Beginners Guide – 3


Dungeons are also a great way to farm silver, although a little bit more risky in the PVP lands because you are stuck in closed quarters. If a large group enterd the dungeon to roll you, you will get rolled. However, dungeon mobs are typically elite mobs and will drop 50% more silver than their outside-world counterparts. Generally, you want to take a tank and a healer at a minimum, then add additional players depending on the need.

Dungeons currently have three classifications:
- Normal – 1-3 people: Indicated by a cave entrance. These dungeons are smaller in size and may only take 15-20mins to clear. Sometimes an elite boss is inside and it drops significantly more loot and silver.
- Elite – 3-5 people: Indicated by a blue stone doorway. These dungeons are much larger in size and may take an hour to clear. There sheer size makes them very profitable.
- Raid – 10+ people. Indicated by a fiery throne entrance. These dungeons vary in size but the mobs typically have 30k+ health and drop significant amounts of silver and loot. Bring 2-3 tanks and healers for these endeavors.

# PVP – Player vs. Player

Player vs. Player combat and gameplay is the most fun and rewarding aspect of any sandbox mmo. This is no truer for Albion Online. However, it can be a very daunting and frustrating experience as well. Be sure you have a proper bank setup before venturing out into dangerous lands! It is always best to bring friends with you!

I will keep this section this brief, solely because it is alpha and things like balancing will change rapidly.

# Player Housing and Properties

Sandbox Interactive adds a unique twist with player housing in Albion Online. There is great value in owning property in AO. Player houses and their properties offer unique advantages. The obvious advantage is that you have your own private oasis of which you can add some personal style. I am sure as time goes on there will be different options. As of now, everyone builds one of two houses, normal and legendary. You can also lay down refining stations, crafting stations, pastures and farms.

The second advantage to owning property, and I believe this is unique to AO, are the player buffs. Legendary founders get items that increase their carrying weight (statue) and health (spyglass). However, there are numerous items and furniture in the game that give additional perks from regeneration to passive resistances and damage. Inside my house I built a bed that added more health, a dinner table that gave health regeneration and movement speed, and a chest which provided an addition place for storage.

It is best that you purchase your own ‘player island’ from the dock master in a major town. The, build your house, two farms and pasture on it. You can decide on what other buildings to use at any time. Use a demolishing hammer if you wish to change a building.

Rules – each building has rules and restrictions that you may customize. You can share your house with other players and either give them ownership, or access. You may also adjust the restrictions that limit how the other players may place or use the furniture.