Albion Online Beginners Guide – 3


Dungeons are also a great way to farm silver, although a little bit more risky in the PVP lands because you are stuck in closed quarters. If a large group enterd the dungeon to roll you, you will get rolled. However, dungeon mobs are typically elite mobs and will drop 50% more silver than their outside-world counterparts. Generally, you want to take a tank and a healer at a minimum, then add additional players depending on the need.

Dungeons currently have three classifications:
- Normal – 1-3 people: Indicated by a cave entrance. These dungeons are smaller in size and may only take 15-20mins to clear. Sometimes an elite boss is inside and it drops significantly more loot and silver.
- Elite – 3-5 people: Indicated by a blue stone doorway. These dungeons are much larger in size and may take an hour to clear. There sheer size makes them very profitable.
- Raid – 10+ people. Indicated by a fiery throne entrance. These dungeons vary in size but the mobs typically have 30k+ health and drop significant amounts of silver and loot. Bring 2-3 tanks and healers for these endeavors.

# PVP – Player vs. Player

Player vs. Player combat and gameplay is the most fun and rewarding aspect of any sandbox mmo. This is no truer for Albion Online. However, it can be a very daunting and frustrating experience as well. Be sure you have a proper bank setup before venturing out into dangerous lands! It is always best to bring friends with you!

I will keep this section this brief, solely because it is alpha and things like balancing will change rapidly.

# Player Housing and Properties

Sandbox Interactive adds a unique twist with player housing in Albion Online. There is great value in owning property in AO. Player houses and their properties offer unique advantages. The obvious advantage is that you have your own private oasis of which you can add some personal style. I am sure as time goes on there will be different options. As of now, everyone builds one of two houses, normal and legendary. You can also lay down refining stations, crafting stations, pastures and farms.

The second advantage to owning property, and I believe this is unique to AO, are the player buffs. Legendary founders get items that increase their carrying weight (statue) and health (spyglass). However, there are numerous items and furniture in the game that give additional perks from regeneration to passive resistances and damage. Inside my house I built a bed that added more health, a dinner table that gave health regeneration and movement speed, and a chest which provided an addition place for storage.

It is best that you purchase your own ‘player island’ from the dock master in a major town. The, build your house, two farms and pasture on it. You can decide on what other buildings to use at any time. Use a demolishing hammer if you wish to change a building.

Rules – each building has rules and restrictions that you may customize. You can share your house with other players and either give them ownership, or access. You may also adjust the restrictions that limit how the other players may place or use the furniture.

Albion Online Beginners Guide – 2

# PVE – Player vs. Enviroment

Given that there are no ‘classes’ in Albion Online, we will refer to each character subtype as plate, leather and cloth. Which character style you play can greatly affect your enjoyment and self-sufficiency. There are many weapons in the game, so we will skip over those for now. The best strategy towards maximizing your self-sufficiency is to level your gear and weapon of choice to the highest level you can, and use that gearset to farm mobs for silver.

The higher your tier, the easier it is to farm. However, only wear gear higher than tier 4 in no-PVP zones. For it is very expensive to buy a new set if you loose it… and you will. Most tier 3 sets have an average cost of 5k silver or more and if you can only farm 6k silver an hour… well, you get the picture. Do not go into PVP-limited, or FFA PVP zones, unless you go farm with many other guildmates – which is still risky. However, if you have more than one set, you may decide whether or not it is worth the risk.

Plate armor – generally a melee class that has high physical damage mitigation, but is weak to magic. Currently, plate armor is the most self-sufficient armor in the game. It is much easier to farm mobs for silver with plate than any of the other armors. This is a great path to take for a new player. You can have a one handed weapon and shield, a two handed melee weapon, or even a ranged crossbow.

Leather armor – generally a ranged class that features powerful bows. Leather armor offers a nice blend of both spells and attributes between the plate and cloth classes. Great dps, decent damage mitigation, attach and support spells. Many plays will often use leather armor with a combination of plate or cloth.

Cloth armor – generally a ranged class that can either DPS or Heal. Cloth wearers are like mages. They are very self-sufficient at farming due to the fact that they can DPS and Heal on the fly, minimizing downtime. However, cloth armor is extremely weak to physical damage. Therefore, cloth wearers must farm lower tier mobs and are limited to how far they can push solo-farming capabilities. Also, cloth wearers must level two weapons or more, at the same time. This results in the class taking a very long time to level and requiring more resources to accomplish the same milestones as a leather or plate wearer. I recommend the cloth armor tree for only experienced players.

# Maximizing Silver per Hour

The key to maximizing your ability to farm the most silver per hour, will depend on your ability to set your character up for such an endeavor. As referenced above, sandbox MMOs are about risk vs. reward. If you get too greedy and go to farm silver without properly setting up your account, you are greatly exposing yourself to failure. Any mistake may result in a death which results in a loss of 33 durability points. If you wear tier 4 and higher gear, this can be a very expensive mistake – death is not an option. Typically, two deaths is all it takes to break all of your gear – which forces you to start over.

The first step is to level your character to at least tier 3 in both gear and weapons. The next step is to farm tier 3 and tier 4 mobs for silver until you have either bought enough tier 3 sets from the AH, or have crafted enough tier 3 sets so that you have a minimum of four complete gearsets in your bank. This way if you lose all your gear, no big deal, just grab another!

You may also want to visit the AH if you plan on farming in PVP lands with tier 4 or higher gear. Buy an invisiblity potion or a speed potion so that if someone attempts to jump your bones, you have a better chance of getting away.

If you find that you are down to your last gearset, then it is time to go back to routine farming until your bank is put back into the proper setup.

Albion Online Beginners Guide – 1

This page is to help all of us learn and grow within Albion Online. Use this guide to assist you in surviving, and thriving.

# Beginning in the world of Albion… (a starter’s guide)

If you are new to Albion Online, you will find that you start in a small starter area next to a starter town. There are no ‘quests’ in a Sandbox MMO. Therefore, what you will see at the bottom your screen is a Destiny Board that will track your progression in Albion Online. It will start out with the basic progression ‘objectives’ that you need to accomplish. Such as: gathering wood, stone and leather, crafting your first weapon and gear, etc. Complete these simple objectives, and then run into the starter town.

Once in town, you may want to decide on what character type you wish to try. There are essentially three character types, plate armor melee, leather ranged and cloth ranged. These characters can be altered endlessly with the Albion Online class-less system. But for now, we will refer to these types only. If you have played an MMO before and are comfortable with a tanky melee class ‘warrior’, chose plate. If you liked playing ‘hunters’ or ‘rogues’, choose leather. If you like to play ‘mages’, choose cloth.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Again, there are no ‘quests’ or ‘quest givers’ in Albion Online. If you wish to play a warrior class, open the map by pressing ‘M’, and locate the larger icon with a single sword. That is the plate armor and weapon crafting station. The book is for the cloth armor and weapon crafting station and the bow and quiver is the leather armor and weapon crafting station.

For our guide, lets say you choose to play a ‘warrior’ type character. Proceed to the station vendor and click it. It will open up the crafting options available to you.

By this time, you should have a sword and shield and leather armor from the starter area progression objectives. You should also have killed enough bunnies to wear tier two gear. Therefore, the available armor and weapons for your character will be displayed on the plate armor crafting vendor. The tier three items will be red because you have not progressed enough to wear those items yet.

Now, get out a pen and paper. Click the plate armor helmet, chest and boots, and write down how much of each resource each one takes to craft. Then do the same for the one-hand sword and shield. Add all of these values up and this will tell you how much of each resource you need to gather to craft those items.

Wait, you aren’t ready to head out into the world yet. In order to gather those resources, guess what you need? That’s right, tools! You will need to craft all of your tools before you begin gathering the resources needed. Bring up the map, and find the larger icon that has a hammer and spike on it. That is the toolmaker’s crafting station. There you will see all of the tools you will need. Write down those resources as well and craft all of the tools available to you, just to make life a little more simple.

Once you have each tool, you can then run out into the world of Albion to farm your first gear set and weapon. It may take a few trips, and do not forget to kill humanoids for silver. That’s right, silver does not drop from creatures in the world of Albion – for obvious reasons.

Once you have all of your resources and have crafted your first gear set, you are now ready to progress into tier three. Go back out into the world and kill any tier II or higher monsters until you progress to tier three weapons and armor. Simply click on a fox, or humanoid and look for the roman numeral value. Defeat it, and the fame will update for your character. It will say something like, ‘defeat foes while wearing plate armor’ or ‘using one handed weapons’ or something similar. It will also present your current progress Y and the target value X. Defeat enough foes to get to value X. You will then see a display of multiple achievements for progressing to the tier three level.

Return to town and visit the plate armor crafting station vendor to see your tier three gear requirements. You will now see that the tier III icons are no longer red. Again, write down all of the resources you need to gather. First, you will need a new set of tier two tools. Find the tool crafting station and gather the resources needed to craft the tier two tools. Gather those resources and craft those tools first.

Then head back out into the world and gather your tier three resources. What you will need to do is enter a tier three zone. Bring up your global map by pressing ‘K’ and click on the ‘Clusters’ or region maps near your starter town. It will then switch over to the cluster map you have seen before. At the bottom, is a key of all the different resources in the cluster. The tier three clusters are the ones where all of the resource nodes (trees, iron, leather, etc) are listed as ‘I-III’. Enter one of those clusters and begin searching for the tier three resources.

This is where it gets tricky and you simply must go through a process of trial and error to find the resources. Run around the map and click on various resources. When you begin to harvest it, an icon will display with what tier the resource is. Keep in mind what these resources are. Keep searching until you find different tree, stone, metal formations until you find the tier three version of each. Then, you are ready to farm your tier three resources.

Once you have crafted your tier three gear set and weapons, proceed to the next section! If you need any assistance in this, please contact Saffiana in-game, or post on Band.